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Using Appointment Scheduling

Appointment scheduling is a handy feature that allows your prospects to schedule meetings and calls based on your availability.


Here’s a video detailing how to get started : 



1. To get started you will need to setup your availability in your calendar settings (Settings -> Calendar).


2. Within here you will need to add your availability depending on the day of the week.


3. You can also choose to set a minimum notice period before an event, the limit of events each day and event gaps before and after each one.


4. Now within the deal view, click the schedule task button.


5. At present you can use the types Calls and Meetings to allow prospects to book a convenient day and time for them based on your availability. Just select ‘Participant chooses date and time’ for your calendar to be automatically emailed out to them.


6. As soon as the prospect accepts the meeting and arranges a day and time, you will be notified within Monty.


7. Both the user and the prospect will also be notified 30 minutes before the event takes place.

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