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Getting Started With Custom Fields

Custom fields give you the ability to add more structure and most importantly data to your account.

Here’s our video on how to set them up : 



By default you will have Name, Phone Number, Email Address and Company Name added to your account. These will not be able to be edited or deleted.

1. To get started, browse to Settings > My Account.

2. As you scroll down you will see a section for Custom Fields.

3. Here you will be able to Add / Edit and Delete your custom fields.

4. When adding custom fields, you can choose whether to add them at the contact or deal level.

4. As soon as they are added, you will be able to view them in the deal view.

5. When creating forms, you will be able to add these custom fields automatically. Please note that in order for the data to match up when forms are submitted to Monty, the input id and name will need to match what is output exactly when you are creating your form.

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