June 2021 Release Notes

Jun 16 2021

There’s not much that brings more happiness to the team here at MeetMonty HQ than releasing new features. Especially features that our customers don’t even know they need, but will make a huge difference in their business.

And the features in our latest release aren’t any different.

This month we’re releasing what is probably one of the biggest set of new features for agencies that we’ve released to date.

A big statement, but true.

As you may or may not know, our product lets our users build out sales flows for a number of different scenarios. Some can be simple and others can be extremely complex.

But what happens when you sign-up a new client?

Well this means that you have to build everything out again… .

Or does it?

Not anymore.

We’re pleased to introduce you to our Account Templates feature.

Let me explain what it is as well as our other new features.

Account Templates

Account Templates is the feature that’s going to drop onboarding time down significantly and dramatically improve an agency’s efficiency.

Within MeetMonty you can now save complete accounts that you create as templates which can then be re-used across multiple accounts.

Why does this matter?

We highlighted this pretty early on that it was an issue for agencies when they bring on new clients.

Let’s say you build out a sales funnel for a client. You build out all of the flows, including automations, emails, SMS’ and drip campaigns.

It works great and is turning into sales for your client.

But when you sign-up a new client, you have to repeat the whole process again.

Well, before Account Templates that is.

In seconds, you can now create an account template and apply it to a sub-account.

This is what’s saved within the template :

  • Workflow Automations
  • Drip Campaigns
  • Message Templates
  • Pipelines
  • Custom Fields
  • Custom Events

Rather than spending time and resources onboarding new clients, you can do it with just a few clicks.

Apart from just saving time, it also presents a huge opportunity for agencies.

If you build out a system that works for one client, chances are it will work for another.

This means that you now have a scalable business asset which you can use to sell to more clients.

If you’d like to setup Account Templates, you can follow the tutorial here.

Website and Landing Page Templates

On the theme of templates, let’s talk about our next new feature.

Our new website and landing page template feature allows you to save websites and landing pages that you have already built as a template.

You can then again re-use these templates across any of your sub-accounts.

If you would like to use that feature, you can follow our tutorial here.

Calendar Scheduler Update

We’re super happy with our new calendar scheduler UI update and we hope you are too :

Create Teams

Our next feature is used in-conjunction with our auto-assign deals feature.

Teams allows you to manually create teams of people that have specific responsibilities.

This also now means that you will be able to auto-assign new deals to a team of people rather than a specific person within a business.

If you would like to create a team, you can do so here and you can find out how to setup our auto-assign feature here.

Automation Action To End a Sequence

Next up we have a new automation action that allows you to end a sequence when a particular event happens. For instance, a prospect may have scheduled a sales call so we want to take them out of the drip campaign that they’re currently in.

If you’d like to find out more about this feature, you can do so here.

Automation Trigger When Sequence Ends

Finally, another automation feature has just been released which is an automation trigger that fires when a sequence ends.

As an example, you might want to move a prospect into another drip sequence when the first one completes or maybe you want to move them to a different step in the pipeline once it’s finished.

Find out more about this new trigger here.

And we’re done…..

Wow, we covered a lot there didn’t we?

As always, we’re constantly trying to build the best possible product for our customers. If there are any features that you think are worth us considering, you can always request them on our feature request tool.

Thanks for reading!

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