May 2021 Release Notes

May 28 2021

It’s been a while since we’ve published one of these…

Not because we haven’t been releasing anything…. No no no.

As the product is evolving we’re spending alot more time on optimising features we’ve already released as opposed to consistently releasing new things.

But this month is different. We’ve got some awesome new features to tell you about.

1. Custom Event Reminders

You can now create your own reminders for custom events that you create within MeetMonty. These are sent out to contacts at pre-determined intervals that you set.

Here’s an explainer :

And a link to the help docs for more details.

2. Contact Unsubscribes Automation Trigger

If you want to fire an automation when a contact unsubscribes, that’s now possible.

Explainer here :

Help docs available here.

3. Contact Subscription Status In Deal View

We’ve just added a label within the deal view to show you if your deal contact is currently subscribed to your marketing emails or not.

4. Image Upload Into The WYSWIG

Uploading images into our WYSWIG editor just became a whole lot easier. Easily upload images into your emails to send beautiful messages 🙂 .

5. Preview Email Campaigns

Finally, we’ve just release a feature that will allow you to preview your entire email campaign with just a few clicks!

Thanks for reading and as always, if you have any questions then feel free to drop us a line.



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